About Øivind H. Solheim


I’m Øivind, a father, a husband, a writer and a passionate photographer, an indefatigable hiker, a music lover.

I’m a former language teacher and an adult education manager, now a full time writer, based in Bergen, Norway.



I love listening to the voices of others and those coming from inside myself, becoming ideas and trying to make something meaningful out of it through verbal sounds, words and sentences.

Writing has become my passion number one now that I am no longer in a paid full time job and can concentrate on my favorite activities.

I love photographying with my Canon 5 D EOS Mark III. I love hiking, and I take a lot of photos when I am walking in the landscapes of my country. I also love taking pictures of people, and I want to make city photography one of my next fields of focus.

I write in English and Norwegian, sometimes also in French. I publish some of my writings in my own publication Insight (Norwegian: Innsikt). Other pieces and photos I publish with other magazines on Medium. You can find my writings on Medium here: https://medium.com/innsikt/read-more-90098f044655

If you are interested in publishing your writings with Insight, or if you have any other messages for me, please just let me know by e-mail fiksjon@gmail.com.



Below a few testimonies from writer friends who have read and commented on my stories on Medium.com:

  • Kompetanse Vest - Insight Online Courses

    “A brilliant piece Øivind H. Solheim, written with such honesty and wisdom — thank you.
    These words resonated strongly:
    “Accept that those incidents are small things, trivialities compared to this:
    Death can come, death can all of a sudden stand at your door.
    Death can take away your loved one, just as you irritate about him or her.””


  • Kompetanse Vest - Insight Online Courses

    “I absolutely love this. Brilliant.”

    CEO, Jane Doe Corp

  • Kompetanse Vest - Insight Online Courses

    “Wow. I have just learned so so so much about relationship from you. Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I have still yet a long journey to go and your advice is so valuable for my journey. Thank you for sharing and for remembering me in the mention section. It means a lot :)”


  • Kompetanse Vest - Insight Online Courses



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